Worth The Wait

So things have been busy lately. It’s amazing how much energy and activity surrounds this tiny little girl, less than three pounds, as she sleeps like a kitten for about 22 hours each day (she wakes up for us). But as she sleeps and grows there are things that are happening, people are excited, and her arrival home from the hospital is a much-anticipated event by many, near and far…but I get ahead of myself – that day is still a ways away. There’s lots to keep us busy until then.

For example, this past Monday was Nyana’s two-week birthday. Or as we call it, her minus-eleven-week birthday. To celebrate we took her out for dinner and for the first time ever, Dad got to hold her. A quiet table for two, just beside her solarium. Although it’s right next door, the trip is quite a process – it takes two nurses to move all the hoses and wires along with baby. They’re good at it though, and it’s pretty quick. Just make sure you go to the bathroom first because once you’re strapped in, you’re in for awhile.

It's oddly similar to waiting for a ride at the fair.

They say there is no replacement for the skin-to-skin contact of a parent and a preemie; the benefits of it are astronomically huge. I can now say that is absolutely true, from personal experience. It’s nice to be able to touch her head and back and belly and shoulders all the time watch her sleep and stuff, but to be able to actually hold her was an incredible experience that surpasses all definition.

After all, she’s really supposed to still be in the womb. This is the 3rd trimester here, right before our eyes – right on my chest! It’s a little crazy. I can be pretty klutzy sometimes and make stupid mistakes that turn into comically destructive events wherever I go but for the hour that I had one-on-one with my daughter, I knew that at that moment there was no place in the world that could be any safer for her.

And that’s it, I was hooked. If I wasn’t already, it was no question now – I  became the goofy Dad with all the cliches that go along with it. Call me a sucker, call me a hopeless romantic – I really couldn’t give a shit. After the charge I got out of that one hour, my only hope is that Nyana got as much out of it as I did. If she can feel us like we can feel her, this whole thing is a lock.


About Donners

Thirtysomething father to The Royal Princess of The Sunshine Brigade, a 27 week preemie who survived 222 days in the NICU. The Queen and I are still crazy in love, and life in Vancouver's West End is getting back to a whole new normal that we've always been waiting for but never knew we would get quite like this.
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One Response to Worth The Wait

  1. Lynn Duncan says:

    Donners, your post elicits goofy grin and happy tears down here in So Cal.


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