Sunday Night Disney

Tonight was a good Sunday night. We opted to stick around the house today so we could get some chores done without rushing and then we could have one good full visit in the evening. Our new first-ever primary nurse was on shift tonight so as long as Nyana behaved, it should be a good night. We were looking forward to tonight and had a good day.

Yes, I did say first-ever primary nurse. That’s a nurse that will be assigned to Nyana every shift she works, unless there’s a weird schedule overlap or something. We had to ask her to be ours and she had to accept, and then we had to submit that to the head nurse for it to happen. It’s a pretty cool thing, because it cuts down on the number of one-offs you get while at the same time adding a friendly face that sees Nyana regularly who can have a good, consistent perspective on her development. We like her and she seems to like us so we think it’s going to work out quite well. So, let’s give her a nice, big Karen and Donners Show welcome with a warm round of applause!!

(warm applause)

Nyana pulls her first pose, all on her own. This was how we found her when we walked in tonight.

Lovely, now. So where was I? Oh yes, a good Sunday night. Nyana had one of her new outfits on – it’s like a little yellow teatowel with armholes and snaps. The arms pop in through the holes, the rest folds up and snaps into place. It’s got kitties and fishbones on it. She was quite adorable. And although her oxygen was up a little high tonight, they OK’d a visit to the rocking chair, so Daddy got some snug on. Score. Tomorrow she’ll be five weeks old (can you believe it?) and this would be the fifth time that I got to hold her. Each time is a total gift, and we just hang out in the chair while she eats and I sing badly to her. Sometimes I rap badly, but usually only when Karen is on a coffee run because someone doesn’t approve of the lyrics. Nyana usually gets treated to Disney songs, because if I can’t remember the lyrics to those, they’re at least easier to improv to. And who doesn’t love Disney? Tonight however, she got both bad singing and bad rapping.

I like the cushy chairs because they’re comfy, but they don’t rock. The rocking chair rocks, but it looks quite firm and uncomfy (for sittings of an hour or more). I had never had the rocking chair before, but I had the chance tonight. And the verdict is pretty much as predicted – it rocks and that’s nice, but even my fat ass isn’t padding enough for that beast. It takes a hardy soul or a soft pillow to sit on that thing for very long. They have a bit of a cushion and that’s nice for the first half hour, forty-five…but then you start shifting, and babies migrate on their own so you have to account for that as well, and be mindful of the tubes taped to your shoulder, because every time you move it’s attached to a tube that’s going down into this poor little sleeping munchkin chub, and she can feel it if you have to alter yourself. I still would have sat until both legs went numb if I had to, but the whole balance act can be a little taxing when your cheeks are burnin’.

She was awesome tonight. Like I said, her oxygen was a little high, but once she settled in she was doing great and they were able to tweak it down bit by bit. She was in the high fifties at the end of the hour. She was nice and awake at the start, eyes open and moving back and forth between “out at Mum” and “up at Dad”. Then Karen left for a coffee run and she fell right asleep. They set her up for a feed and she stayed out like a light until she was full and it was time to put her back.

Out at Mum

Up at Dad

The only hiccup in the night came right at the end, and was less of a hiccup than it was a sickup. They said it was just a little mess from her full belly and the excitement of being moved, but I think her little vomit was a planned strategy with a twofold victory. First, it was an outright retaliation from being seperated from the heavenly vast expanse that is my soft and furry chest. The shock of being ripped away from the wondrous glory of my very own self was enough to turn her tiny little stomach, poor thing. Secondly, it was a crafty ploy to keep Mrs. B and I there just a little bit longer. I mean, what – are we going to just leave the nurse to clean it all up on her own? How ignorant is that? And besides, even chances to clean her up are valuable for us both as bonding moments and educational moments. What do you use to clean that up? How hard do you press? Where’s the saline? Oops, I mean, sterilized water? More gauze!

Either way, it kept us there longer than our bus home tonight but we didn’t really care. She totally woke up as we were cleaning her (again, I think it’s because she was so energized from being nestled into the awesomeness that is the bed of my chest hairs for an hour) and she had a big half hour of wide open eyes, big activity, and happy times. You can see such expression on her face, and tonight she was full of curiosity and happiness. It was hard to go home then – you want to stick around for moments like these but it was getting late. Even as we closed the blanket and said goodnight, we peeked in through a fold to see her all tucked into bed, just looking at the inside of her walls. Calm and peaceful, probably wondering what the heck just happened to her and who those freaky giant people are. And maybe, wondering when they’ll be back.

So it was a good night to end a pretty decent week. Nyana got a lot of new neighbours this week. Some have been in-and-outs, some are in it like us and might be future friends. She also got some new clothes. Mommy bought her a few outfits she can wear right now (one of them got puked on tonight – aww, first messy onesie!) and Daddy bought her two new Maple Leaf onesies (that’s three now), and a Team Canada hockey jersey – all three of which she might fit in time for the playoffs. Maybe. Probably not, but maybe. Doesn’t matter – she’ll be cute as hell in them and girls can like hockey too, so whatever. The jersey is the same as the one Mom and Dad have so now the whole family matches and we’re going to have to be nerdy and get a family photo done. Eventually I think it would be fun to get a portrait artist to render it as a painting, with a nice fancy wooden frame, but I might be getting ahead of myself a little.

Quatchi is Nyana's stand-in for a lot of things.

Now judging by my clock it’s about 3AM. It was tough to say earlier and it’s oddly tough to say again. I could hang out there beside the solarium all night. And if not, then I could talk about her here to you all night. But since I can’t do either then…I gotta say goodnight.


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Thirtysomething father to The Royal Princess of The Sunshine Brigade, a 27 week preemie who survived 222 days in the NICU. The Queen and I are still crazy in love, and life in Vancouver's West End is getting back to a whole new normal that we've always been waiting for but never knew we would get quite like this.
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One Response to Sunday Night Disney

  1. Linda says:

    This was so beautifully written, Don!! I could easily envision everything you were talking about and the added pictures made the story even more beautiful. How I love to read these posts – it makes this “far away” Grannie feel a little more connected to my Ladybug. Thanks again for sharing this little 3 lb. wonder with us!! Love, Mum

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