The Flip Side

It’s not all doom and gloom in Nyanaland right now, as previous posts might have you believe. Just because Nyana hasn’t mastered this whole breathing thing doesn’t mean she hasn’t mastered growing or looking cute or being awesome. See for yourself.

Nyana's crib

Once she reached about 1.8 kilos she graduated to a crib.

Happy Ny

The awesome confused/curious face she's so good at making.

So Awesome

Nyana reacts with excitement to some cradle-style cuddling with Mum.

Don watching over Ny

The crib makes watching over her so much easier.

Mum and Nyana

The crib also makes it much easier to get up close with her.

Another Nyana pose

Another of Nyana's now-infamous poses. Here she models a new fleece onesie.

She’s flirting with 5 pounds now—2,150 grams. For those of you who don’t do metric, that’s 4 pounds, 11oz. She has many outfits from many of you that actually fit her now; in fact, she has outgrown a few of the tiniest of her onesies, which really were nothing more than scrap fabric with snaps. We saved one for posterity and donated the rest to the NICU.

I just noticed a few days ago that she has eyelashes now. Funny that I didn’t notice the previous lack of eyelashes until noticing the sudden presence of them. Don and I are getting good at changing diapers and taking temperatures and soothing her while they fiddle with her. We’re even getting comfortable repositioning her and handling all her tackle.

We’re getting to know the nurses and the doctors and the RTs. I nod good morning to the girls at the front desk the same as you might say good morning to your receptionist as you enter your office every morning. I gossip and compare notes with the other moms in the parent’s lounge. I’ve settled into a comfortable routine. And I remind myself that all of this is temporary, and that we’ll be home as soon as she’s ready.


About Mrs. B

Wife, mother, marketer--not always in that order. Lover of fine food, good company, and exceptional grammar. Mother of one former micro-preemie and one full-term monster baby. Building childhood memories in Vancouver's suburbs.
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11 Responses to The Flip Side

  1. Jen says:

    I absolutely Love that pic of Don, and that one of you too Karen. They’re just the epitome of Love *smile* And she looks SO good….ah, tears *L* I’m such a softie.

    • Anne Brackett says:

      Nyana looks great and I love the sleepers. Things are moving in the right direction. She will be home before you know it. Adorable pictures. I check every morning even before breakfast. Awesome.. Love to all Mom and Grandma

  2. K says:

    Such a nice post. I’m glad things aren’t all bad and I’m sure it’s hard to see the good things sometimes, but it really sounds like you have a nice little family, even if it isn’t what you were expecting.

    Question: Karen, how are you doing physically? You don’t know me so feel free to not answer such a personal question.

    • Mrs. B says:

      Physically, I’m exhausted. I’m still quite stiff and sore from a solid month of strict bedrest — I find my ankles and the heels of my feet are very sore if I get up after sitting for a long time. I lost a lot of blood during the labour and am still weak from that, too, and am taking iron supplements twice a day. And it’s funny how extreme emotion takes a physical toll on the body. I understand now the meaning of “fatigue” as opposed to just tired. 🙂

  3. Juju says:

    Well, she has really nailed the looking adorable part.

  4. Trish says:

    She has definitly mastered the “wrapped Daddy around my little finger” skill.

    She is Daddy’s Little Girl and that is the best.

  5. Lynn Duncan says:

    The crib has such advantages! Love the pic of Don leaning on the railing.. perfect spot to view the best little girl in the world. And close up of Karen and Nyana, so sweet.

    And that onesie is so cute and she clearly knows how to model her new outfits.

    Love all the pictures and following her story.

  6. Heather Mullen says:

    Beautiful picture of you and Nyana!


  7. Benton says:

    Now that’s the girls (and Don) that I’ve come to know and love. Thanks for posting those pictures … they’re lovely … but why wouldn’t they be, with such a beautiful “cast”. I, and I’m sure, others, need our daily “Nyana fix” and this post and those pictures have given us all a great one. FYI, my fav is the one closeup of her looking up at you, craddling her …. that expression is pure love! I seem to recall that you had a similar expression in my favorite wedding photo …. like mother, like daughter, eh?
    Thanks again, …. love …. Benton.

  8. Tasha says:

    I absolutely love her fleece jammies…so adorable! She is getting cuter every day!

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