Flying Solo

Looks like Mum is flying solo for the next few days—Dad’s out of commission for a bit with a nasty bug. I don’t want to point any fingers, but it’s mighty suspicious that until he got his flu shot, he was healthy as can be. Now he’s forced to stay home with his cough drops and his NyQuil, and Skype with me while I cuddle her in the NICU. It’s not fair, but we can’t chance getting her—or any of the other babies—sick with the flu. Even I’m keeping my distance from Don, to make sure at least one parent is healthy enough to visit her.

Kim meets Nyana

Auntie Kim says hello to her new niece.

I love when I get to show off What We Made. Auntie Kim came for a visit this weekend, and while I can’t speak for my sister, I do think she’s quite taken with her new niece. She sat and snapped photos while Mum and daughter snuggled, and marvelled at how much personality such a tiny human can exude.

But the visitors didn’t stop with Auntie Kim. A good friend from high school was in town and stopped to see Nyana this afternoon. Jenny has 18-month twins who were born at 35 weeks, so we stood over Chub-chub’s crib and swapped stories of bedrest and pregnancy gone wrong. Another friend and her fiancé came to say hello, and just may have left the NICU with babymaking on the brain. Nyana’s great-grandparents, who typically visit once a week, called on Sunday morning to say that they must skip their weekly fix, due to what I assume is the same bug Don’s fighting. All of Nyana’s callers let her know what a good girl, what a pretty girl, she is.

She’s flirting with five pounds now—4lbs 15.5 oz as of tonight’s weigh in. It’s hard to believe that in only six short days, she’ll have spent two months on the outside. This means that her corrected age right now is 35 weeks; it’s unreal to think that I’m still supposed to be pregnant, for five more weeks!

As she grows, she’s slowly coming down on her oxygen requirements. I’m getting anxious for her to be extubated, even though I know it’ll only happen when she’s ready. It’s been “another week or two” for about two weeks now. But she’s only needing about 40% oxygen to keep up the high score on the saturation monitor. This is a huge improvement over the 70—80% requirements she had about two weeks ago.

Nyana. Daddy's little hero.

The outfit says DADDY'S LITTLE HERO.

Tomorrow (which is likely today for most of you reading this) she gets her eyes checked. The eyes are always checked in micro-preemies on respiratory support, because the amount of oxygen being given to such underdeveloped systems can cause retinopathy of prematurity, a retinal disease common in preemies. Between Don and me, her eyesight is already destined to be awful. I’m praying we don’t need to worry about ROP making it even worse.

So she keeps growing and keeps working on this breathing thing, and I keep working on this patience thing. If you have a minute, please think a happy thought for Nyana’s eyes. And maybe a healing thought for Don. He needs to get over this cold PDQ.


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6 Responses to Flying Solo

  1. Lynn Duncan says:

    How amazing! I glanced at that picture and thought, “wow, Karen looks younger in this shot!” only to find out it is your sister! Quite a striking resemblance, I must say.

    Hope Don throws off that flu bug or cold quickly, but thank goodness for technology, huh?

  2. Biscottiii says:

    Poor Don is probably grousing at home – as well as feeling like poop himself! Not being able to cuddle his little girl and giving her more of his Daddy’s wise world talks. Hope he feels better QUICK!

    Glad to see you had so many visitors though. Sending positive vibes for the eye tests tomorrow/today. Nyana just looks sweeter by the day!

  3. Kim says:

    I wish I could have spent so much more time down there soaking up the beauty of Nyana… glad to hear that she’s getting lots of visitors to tell her in person how awesome she is… maybe hearing it all in person will help her realize that if she gets the breathing thing mastered soon then she can come home soon and have even more visitors tell her how awesome she is :o)

  4. Holly says:

    Karen and Don, I’ve just finished catching up on your posts and I have to tell you how touched I am by this little girl’s valiant spirit and the glowing love you have for her. I am sending up some heartfelt prayers that her lung function improves tremendously and she just keeps on thriving and gets home in your arms sooner than you dream possible. Every good wish to you all and much love to little Nyana who is so very beautiful.

    Holly xx

  5. Holly says:

    Ps…Thank you for sharing this journey with so many.

  6. Olivia ♡ says:

    Glad to see the new post. I’ve been checking your blog about twice a day so it’s nice to see an update finally haha. 😛

    Hope Don can get over his flu soon!

    – Olivia

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