No News Really Is Good News

I wish I had better news to tell you, but I don’t have any news at all. I’ve been hoping all weekend, with every entrance into the nursery, that today will be the day we get moved to our room with a view in the back. Graduate to the intermediate nursery. Finally be cleared from our spot #4 in the special care nursery.

But alas, it is not yet our time.

The doctors have been monitoring Nyana closely since her Dex steroids finished their course early Friday morning and she appears to be holding her own. She’s been breathing, drug-free, for nearly 72 hours and her numbers are better than anything I ever saw when she was on the ventilator. Her oxygen goes as high as 26% some days—a far cry from the 70% we were looking at a few short weeks ago—and she has good days where she flirts with room air (21%) for hours on end. So save for a small amount of oxygen, she’s really only dependent on the biphasic CPAP machine to maintain pressure… she hasn’t quite strengthened enough to be able to adequately inflate her lungs on her own.

The docs and the RTs have been debating all week whether she’s strong enough to be moved from the biphasic support to the CPAP. The biphasic support uses two different pressure settings, one slightly higher than the other, to coax the lungs open. It’s set to give the higher pressure for every third or fourth breath she takes; similar to how a healthy adult needs to stop and take a deep breath after a few quickly spoken sentences, but on a much more minute scale. The CPAP machine assumes that she can get enough oxygen during normal breathing and doesn’t provide that extra puff of a deep breath. While we’re happy to see the pressure settings on the biphasic lowered, both Don and I know that CPAP is the next milestone, and not far off, at that.

So hopefully tomorrow I find that Princess Chub-chub (still stable at just under 3 kilos) has been moved to the back room where our friends, and her boyfriend, are all waiting for us. Hopefully I find that we’ve done away with the dual-pressure and are breathing on CPAP alone. Until then, breathe on, babygirl.


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3 Responses to No News Really Is Good News

  1. Margie King/mak1 says:

    This sounds like good news to me….no setbacks over the weekend. I’d say Princess Chub-Chub has set her eyes on that back room, too. I hope she, and her parents, are having a good day. I wrote a Nyanaku to celebrate the removal of the ventilator. 🙂

  2. Tom says:

    Her boyfriend is waiting with baited breath…

  3. Mary Ward says:

    She deserves a room with a view 🙂

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