Fun With Preemies

While cuddle time is vital to both parent and child, and is a very emotional and meaningful time, it can also get a little…slow. Sometimes you can find yourself dozing off in a comfortable chair with a warm baby in your arms, so you need to find a way to pass the time as little Princess Stinkypants sleeps your precious cuddle time away. And God forbid you should stop holding the soother for her…that’s another thing altogether. Sometimes we find ourselves simply trying to amuse each other, to bring a little colour to the sterilty of the NICU, to pass the time in a positive way and bring a little laughter into her life. The following pics are from tonight, during a sit that lasted just over an hour.


table for two, please!

Nyana and Dad

Thinking about what we want to do tonight.

the CPAP machine produces a constant flow of air out of her mouth - like she's always blowing on you. plugging that hole makes her cheeks puff up.

Shut yo mouth!

C'mon, you saw me lick her head. You had to know this was coming...

The Secret of the Chub

Wow. That was tiring for both of us!

It's funny how, to us, her hands are getting so big when they're still so small...

CPAP on the left, personal chef on the right (the little box in the crib controls the feed).


About Donners

Thirtysomething father to The Royal Princess of The Sunshine Brigade, a 27 week preemie who survived 222 days in the NICU. The Queen and I are still crazy in love, and life in Vancouver's West End is getting back to a whole new normal that we've always been waiting for but never knew we would get quite like this.
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6 Responses to Fun With Preemies

  1. K says:

    That hand picture is amazing.

  2. Linda says:

    The pictures of the hands definitely puts things into perspective…I never realized Don’s hands were so huge!!
    Nyana is gorgeous and getting so big!!

    Love to you all,

  3. T says:

    All the pics are great, but I have to agree that the hands pic is just amazing!

    Keep up the good work Nyana! You are an angel to many people, near and far.

  4. Sheryl says:

    I can’t believe how big she is getting. I’m so in love with those lovely chubby cheeks!!

  5. Olivia ♡ says:

    The pictures are so cute 🙂

    Love the hand picture!

  6. I love all the mini-me pics with all the poses.. just too cute!

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