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Just Butt Out

I picked a fight with a young couple at the hospital today. I got off the bus and crossed the street, and walked through the cloud of cigarette smoke at the makeshift ‘smoke pit’—the area deemed far enough away to … Continue reading

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Too Many Cooks

We really have reached a point where we’re on Nyana’s time now; where there’s not much the doctors can do now to speed up her recovery, and all we can do is wait for her to grow into her lungs … Continue reading

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Holy Busy Day, Batman!

Wow, Mum sure has been a downer lately, hasn’t she? Even Dad decided to pop his head in here just to be a bit of a grump. OK, well, he was still grumpy because we lost Neema and because he … Continue reading

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Everyone Has A Story

About a week ago, I was looking through the stats on this blog and I saw that someone had posted a link here from their blog. Naturally, curiously, I went over there to investigate, and what I found was a … Continue reading

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Letter To My Babymama

So here I sit, on a tall office-style chair with “NICU P3-1” painted on the back, drinking a large skim vanilla bean latte and listening to Aaliyah on iTunes trying to drown out the subtle crank of Nyana’s food dispenser. … Continue reading

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