Calling All Warriors

Nyana’s army has been one of the most incredible byproducts of our journey through the NICU. I know there are hundreds of you thinking nothing but healing thoughts for Nyana’s lungs and happy thoughts for her parents’ wellbeing. We wholly believe that much of Nyana’s success has been thanks to all the prayers sent into the universe from all of you, Nyana’s army.

When we were in our darkest days and we asked for prayers, her doctors were amazed just days later at the seemingly miraculous turn around she had made. When we told you about Baby Noah and asked for peace for his parents, you all did one better and four days later Baby Noah was thriving and heading home. Now, we need to ask all of you warriors to rally together one more time, for Baby Neema.

Neema was born far too early—at only 24 weeks—and has been living comfortably here in the NICU since August. After struggling for four months with BPD and test-driving all the different forms of respiratory support, Neema contracted an infection last night and her condition is worsening. This morning she was re-intubated and her oxygen requirements skyrocketed to 70-80%. Her parents, some of the nicest people I know and deserving nothing but happiness with their daughter, are standing strong while I know they’re hurting and scared on the inside. While Nyana has been getting better by the day, Neema has either plateaued or slowly slid backwards for the past month. I know that the prayers you’ve all sent for Nyana have been heard and answered. I’m asking for you to please send some healing thoughts Neema’s way today. Her parents have a very close relationship with God, and I’m sure a few extra nudges in the right direction would do all three of them a world of good.

I’ve seen firsthand the amazing things Nyana’s army can do. Let’s try for one more miracle, shall we?


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Wife, mother, marketer--not always in that order. Lover of fine food, good company, and exceptional grammar. Mother of one former micro-preemie and one full-term monster baby. Building childhood memories in Vancouver's suburbs.
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20 Responses to Calling All Warriors

  1. T says:

    I prayed for Neema this morning, and I will pray for her & her family again.

  2. Juju says:

    Healing thoughts sent for Neema.

  3. Stacey Feehan says:

    Just said a little prayer for Neema and family. Also sending some good thoughts your way as well.

  4. Mary Ward says:

    My thoughts and prayers are with baby Neema and her parents.

  5. Linda says:

    I can only imagine the struggles, worry and heartache that Neema’s family is going through and they will all be in my thoughts and prayers with visions of her getting strong and healthy just as Nyana did.
    Karen and Don, please relay to Neema’s parents that they are not traveling this journey alone, that Nyana’s Grannie and countless other people are rallying around them with positive thoughts.
    God, if you are listening, please give Neema the strength to repair her damaged lungs so that she may go home to her family soon.

  6. Jackie (jmm) says:

    Praying for Neema, Nyana and all the babies in all the NICUs.

  7. Stacey and Lucy says:

    Done!! Lucy sends some very special good thoughts to her 24 weaker friend!! 24weekers ROCK!! Go go go Neema!!

  8. Kim says:

    Sending all of my positive, happy and uplifting prayers / thoughts for baby Neema (and don’t for one second think that I don’t have enough for Nyana, cause I dooooooooooo)
    There is enough love and strength out there finding its way to the babies and they will both have great days soon

  9. Sue says:

    My thoughts and prayers for Neema and her parents. Continued thoughts and prayers for Nyana and both of you.

  10. Jennifer says:

    Praying for Neema and her parents with all my heart. I still put a little extra one in there for your precious Nyana too.

  11. Cyn Tyler says:

    I add my prayers for Neema and her family. And my prayers and good thoughts for you and Nyana remain constant.

  12. Margie King/mak1 says:

    I just said a prayer for Neema and her family. I am keeping Nyana and Noah in my prayers, too.

    I just want to mention that I love the new background and profile picture on Nyana’s page. 🙂

  13. Janice Taylor says:

    Please pass on my endless prayers to Neema’s mom. Tell her baby Benjamin says get well. To both you and Neema’s mom – be strong and love them as hard as you can and you will get out and home. Contact me by email if you want to talk.

  14. Jennifer says:

    I will make sure I pray for Neema too and hope for she will recover.

  15. Olivia ♡ says:

    My thoughts are with Neema and her family……and Mrs B is right, let’s try for one more miracle! I know we certainly appreciated all the thoughts and prayer for our baby Noah, and I know that Neema’s parents will feel the same. ❤

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