Sunday Night Slush

Well. It sure feels like bleak, dreary January, doesn’t it? I had a meltdown last week, which I’ve been told by everyone from friends to nurses to parents to strangers is perfectly normal and about time. Don was awesome while I fell apart for a few days, holding the reins and guiding us forward one step in front of the other. Then he had a root canal at 8 o’clock on Saturday morning, and was woken up at 8 o’clock on Sunday morning to deal with a flood at the office. So now I’m holding the reins again while he’s catching up after a miserable weekend.

Just a few random thoughts that haven’t made it to Nyanaland yet:

  • 4,200 grams is how much she weighs now. For you imperialists, that’s 9lbs 4 oz. Our Princess Chub has nearly quadrupled her birthweight.
  • Don and I were married in Central America and every now and then, after returning home, we would get a memory stuck in our noses and we’d feel like we were in Belize again. We get the same thing, just about every day, with Nyana. I’m on the couch at home or on my way to bed and I’ll suddenly catch a whiff of her—formula puke, maybe, or the babypowder scent in the diaper. Funny how scents can haunt you.
  • I’ve learned along our travels that for a micro-preemie like Nyana (micro-preemie being one who decided (s)he didn’t need a 3rd trimester), it costs, on average, $2,000 per day to care for them in hospital. We’re on day #119 ($238,000), with about 90 ($180,000) more to go. Tommy Douglas, you are my hero.
  • Today I learned that Skype can be used for three-way calling. I’ve always suspected this to be true but have never had the reason to explore how to do it. Today Nyana enjoyed visiting with her grandma, uncle and cousin in Ontario while simultaneously meeting her great-uncle and family in Nova Scotia, all the while snuggled up soundly in Don’s lap at the hospital. Technology amazes me.
  • Vancouver transit gripe: Why on earth are there two separate routes for the #17 bus?? There is the 17 OAK and then there is the 17 UBC. One goes east, one goes west. Couldn’t you call them, maybe, the 17 OAK and the 18 UBC??
  • As Don and I were heading out to the bus this evening, we saw one of Nyana’s nurses out for her cigarette break. I’m deeply perturbed by this, that my child who is battling BPD is being handled by a woman who smells of Eau de Toxique. I get that it’s difficult to quit (I smoked a pack a day for a decade) and I know it’s none of my business if her job and her lifestyle completely contradict each other. But there are many charges in the nursery that she could be assigned to instead of my Princess Chub fighting a cystic chronic lung disease. This point will be raised loudly in rounds in the morning.
  • Baby Neema is still fighting and determined to prove the doctors wrong. Her parents are still fighting too—demanding a dedicated team of doctors and RTs and being the best advocates they can be—and are looking a thousand times better today than they looked a week ago. I’m so proud to know these people.
  • Totally selfish, but I MISS OUR FAVOURITE DOCTOR!!! The doc went on holiday before Christmas, and she just came back this week. I know she’s around—she poked her head in on rounds one day last week—but she’s usually chatty and all over Nyana, and we haven’t had any decent face time with her in a long while. With all of our recent developments, I’m really looking forward to a chance to pick her brain for half an hour.
  • For the first time since she was born, Don and I are close to needing to buy Nyana clothes, as she’s finally outgrowing clothes faster than she can wear them, it seems. See the first point about her now being nearly ten pounds.
  • It’s been four months now and this is probably not even relevant, but just in case: it’s pronounced NY-anna. Rhymes with Diana. Don and I were a bit taken aback during the first month or so when people continuously asked us how it was pronounced. Some would try to roll the N and make a nasally sound out of it. Some call her NAYana, or NEE-yana. I had an RT the other day admit to me that the first time she came to Nyana’s beside she was surprised to see she was a white baby. Really.
  • She’s been flirting with room air ever since we put her back on her CPAP machine. It was hard saying goodbye to the high-flow—she looked so good with so little on her face—but she’s doing so well now after her high-flow adventure. She’s averaging 22-24% oxygen these days.
  • This hospital livin’ thing is making it really hard to lose weight. Spending almost two months on bedrest before she was even born didn’t do much to help the situation. I’m looking forward to bringing her home and introducing our jogger stroller to the seawall.
  • Nyana says, “HAPPY (belated) 26th BIRTHDAY AUNTIE KIM!! AND HAPPY (indecipherable) BIRTHDAY AUNTIE TASHA!!

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Wife, mother, marketer--not always in that order. Lover of fine food, good company, and exceptional grammar. Mother of one former micro-preemie and one full-term monster baby. Building childhood memories in Vancouver's suburbs.
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4 Responses to Sunday Night Slush

  1. Lynn Duncan says:

    Hey, up too late in California, watching tennis from Australia, and isn’t that the perfect time for a Nyana update? I’ve been pronouncing it correctly from day one, so score one for me..

    Does the smoking nurse wear a mask while close to those precious babies (and of course we mean Nyana if she is Nyana’s nurse)? Otherwise I’d be mighty disturbed seeing what you saw. Well, a mask wouldn’t do it since that smoke clings to hair and clothing like crazy.

    Sympathy to Don re the root canal.. I’ve had two in my life and have no desire to repeat the experience. Throw in a flood and what a weekend!

  2. Kim says:

    First off… thanks you Nyana for the birthday wishes, you’re such a sweet little niece :o) Second off… Don, I am so sorry to hear about your weekend having to be so incredibly crappy, that REALLY sucks! And last but not least…. I LOVE YOU THREE LIKE CRAZY!!! Keep on truckin, the end is in sight and soon enough you’ll be jogging the seawall with Nyana rocking the stoller 😉

  3. Janice Taylor says:

    You guys are doing so well! We know how hard this is but you are so close. I think this part of the journey is harder b/c you are so close. Tell Neema’s parents we are thinking of them. Also Baby Benjamin says hi and hugs to Nyanna!

  4. Yay for almost hitting the 10lb mark!! I’m pretty sure Hadley is over 10lbs now but we don’t get weighed until next week.
    Also yay for room air. Flirting is good, hopefully that means she will soon become exclusive 😉

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