Ten Pounds Of Awesome

It was more than two months ago now that I excitedly sat down to write my Five Pounds Of Awesome post. Back then, she was enjoying her first of seven eye exams, and both of her parents were too sick to venture into the NICU.

We finally hit the ten pound mark today after dancing around the issue for nearly a week. Aside from that, things are—as they have been for some time—pretty boring in Nyanaland these days. But the ten pound milestone means she’s officially quadrupled her birthweight. It got me thinking about just how far we’ve come. It’s been so amazing watching What We Made grow herself into a real baby in four short months!

September 29th. Nine days old.

September 29th. Nine days old. I was so afraid to even touch her.

October 22nd. Just over a month old now.

October 22nd. Two days past her one-month birthday and 12 days into her 67-day intubation.

November 22nd.

November 22nd. Just past her two-month birthday. Every bit Daddy's little hero.

December 22nd.

December 22nd. Five days past her estimated due date. Three months and two days old.

January 24th.

January 24th. Five weeks old (corrected). Loving her high-flow adventures.


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Wife, mother, marketer--not always in that order. Lover of fine food, good company, and exceptional grammar. Mother of one former micro-preemie and one full-term monster baby. Building childhood memories in Vancouver's suburbs.
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7 Responses to Ten Pounds Of Awesome

  1. Kaili says:

    What a difference, huh? She looks fantastic. Mine are about to hit 20 lbs which is quadruple their birth weight. It’s crazy looking back at pictures of them when they were first born and how fetal they looked compared to now. I can’t imagine them being half of that size! Imagine how it will feel when she is 18 years old (17 years and 9 months adjusted- heehee)!

  2. Lynn Duncan says:

    What a great smile! Clearly, Nyana loves being 10 pounds!

  3. Linda Angell says:

    Nyana is the most beautiful 10 lb. ladybug anywhere and Grannies are never wrong!!

  4. Twiggy says:

    Oh she is sooo cute!!

  5. Jennifer says:

    Nyana has sure changed and grown in the last four months. I am glad to hear that she is now ten pounds.

  6. As I read your picture quotes I noticed she was intubated for 67days. It is amazing how different each preemie is, even born at the same gestation. I amazed at your journey thus far in my reading. And Nyana’s progress. I will be honest. After having 2 preemies I read a lot about others. I know we will have more kids and I am at risk for early deliveries. I am grateful for our 27wkr and her 67days in the NICU. I am grateful for Nyana teaching me and educating me and giving me a dose of the reality I may partially face someday. Thanks for all the posts and sharing you. And how REAL you are. It is hard and is sucks to be in the NICU. But if my eagerness to have more children after a 32wkr and a 27wkr (my oldest was term, 38wks). I hope I don’t have another preemie, but I could. You both are awesome and Nyana is awesome. I have to continue reading or I’ll never get to bed 🙂

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