Grannie Is Here!

Grannies are awesome. They spoil you rotten with gifts and love, they let you stay up way past your bedtime even though your parents want you to sleep, and they always make you feel like you’re the most amazing little person on the planet. My Grannie came to see me on Thursday and will be here until Sunday afternoon. Mum says she’ll tell you all about it once Grannie is on her way home.

It’s been fantastic and we’ve had tons of fun so far, just look for yourself. And don’t worry—we have more of the same planned for the rest of the weekend.

Hi Grannie

The last time they met, Ny was less than a month old and had just been intubated.

What a comfy lap.

Ny settles in for a nap on a lap.

What a life.

Ny lounges in one of the first outfits ever bought for her; almost big enough for it now.

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4 Responses to Grannie Is Here!

  1. Stacey and Lucy says:

    Yeahhhhhh Grannies are the BEST!! Have fun SS Ny!!

  2. robyn says:

    look at those big chubber cheeks! sweet girl ❤

  3. Tasha says:

    Looks like Grannie is getting some good snuggles in!

  4. agilemom says:

    What a cute little fuzzy outfit! Looks like Nyana is enjoying Grannie’s visit :).

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