Sunday Night Soup

Assuming it’s Monday morning as you read this, it’s now been ten days since we tried Nyana on her third high-flow attempt. While she’s doing much better this time than she did the first time, she’s still leaned heavily on her oxygen this past week and we’ve found ourselves charting upwards of 30% on some days. I need to remind myself that she’s not receiving the pressures she was getting on the CPAP and that we’re compensating that with increased oxygen. She doesn’t appear to be working overly hard to breathe, and it’s obvious that she’s so much happier on the high-flow than when she was on the CPAP. So for now, as long as the nurses and the RTs aren’t concerned, I’m trying not to be concerned either.

It’s been a busy week—between Nyana’s successes in her breathing as of late, and Grannie’s visit which started on Thursday and ended too soon today, we have a lot to talk about and not all of it will fit into one cohesive post. Some happenings—Nyana’s continued intolerance of her feeds, for example, or our referral to a respirologist, finally—will warrant their own posts soon enough. Others are worthy of mentioning but don’t deserve a post of their own.

Here’s tonight’s Sunday Night Soup:

  • Nyana is officially the best dressed baby in the nursery. She has way too many clothes. Yesterday she modelled a pair of cream corduroy overalls:

    My first overalls

    Nyana looks stylish in her corduroy overalls.

    And today she wore a dress that my granddad bought for me nearly thirty years ago:
    Pretty Pink Princess

    Nyana's great-Granddad bought this dress for me when I was about her age.

  • On Saturday, thanks to Grannie, we added eight or ten or twelve new outfits to Nyana’s collection.
  • Also on Saturday, we almost lost eight or ten or twelve new outfits for Nyana’s collection. Lucky for everyone involved, there is still some humanity in the world, and whoever found our shopping bag full of brand new baby clothes on a transit bus did the right thing and returned them to us. Nyana loved her new denim dress:

    Denim dress

    Nyana in her pretty new denim dress.

  • Sunday was Nurse Awesome’s birthday! All three of us wish her all the happiness she deserves in the year to come, and can’t say thanks enough for all the love and attention she’s given us in the past five months. Nurse Awesome is… well… awesome!!
  • Remember when we were all excited that Nyana hit 1.8 kilos (4lbs) and graduated to a big girl crib? Today they graduated her to a BIG girl crib. Like, had to call up to the pediatric ICU and bring a “crib” down from the Children’s Hospital. Take a look at what eleven pounds of awesome and five months of clout buys you:

    Big girl crib

    Find the baby! Nyana gets the BIG girl crib.

  • We found today that Nyana has started to vomit up blood. We’re blaming it on reflux at the moment and have started her on Ranitidine™—Baby Zantac. We’re going to keep an eye on her for now and continue discussing options for her as we move forward from here. We don’t want to feed her so much she’s uncomfortable and vomiting, but at the same time we need to ensure that we’re giving her enough to eat that she’s maintaining a healthy percentile and that she can outgrow her sickly lungs sooner than later. We’re hearing much more chatter these days about g-tubes and j-tubes than we were a few months ago.
  • Thanks to a clerical error at the hospital, it would seem that our “days in the NICU” count has been off by about nine days, for more than a month or two. I found out last week that what I thought was Day 146 was actually Day 152. We only need to hit Day 191 to chart more days in the NICU than we did in utero.
  • For everything we’ve been through, I need to stop for a moment and acknowledge how amazing and awesome Don has been in the five months since Nyana was born. I love him more than I love anything in my life, and I love nothing more than curling up in a chair in the corner of Nyana’s room, watching him cuddle her or change her diaper or organize her closet. I love how obvious it is that she is the most amazing thing to him.
  • In one of my baby books I have a wonderful photo of me as an infant, sitting on my mother’s knee with my Grandmother and my Great-grandmother on either side. I’ve always been fascinated by the four generations captured in one photograph and have long looked forward to capturing the same photo with my own daughter. Today’s attempts, while valiant, get a fail.
    Four generations.

    I thought it would be easy to get four generations of women to all smile in one photo. Boy was I wrong!!

Medically it’s been an interesting week with conversations of bottle feeding and feeding studies and acid reflux abounding. Monday morning is sure to bring answers in morning rounds, thought it’s certain to bring yet another new direction of thought and another new plan. Lucky for me I’m healthy again and will be sitting by Nyana’s side as the doctors stop by to examine her in the morning.

Good job on our first five months, Babygirl. Can’t wait to bring you home and show you just how awesome life can be.


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Wife, mother, marketer--not always in that order. Lover of fine food, good company, and exceptional grammar. Mother of one former micro-preemie and one full-term monster baby. Building childhood memories in Vancouver's suburbs.
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6 Responses to Sunday Night Soup

  1. Anne Brackett says:

    Awesome pictures. A great moment of four generations..

    Love to all.

  2. Tasha says:

    Happy 5 months!!

    Those corduroy overalls are the cutest!!

  3. Lynn Duncan says:

    Oh I love ALL the outfits.. someday we’ll see Nyana on Project Runway 2031! (well I HOPE I’m still around to see it!).

    Quite a rich and varied “soup”.. the best ingredient is, of course love.. love for Nyana, grannie love, and Don love and… so on.

    Hope Monday is going well with a healthy Mom and Nyana facing all who enter and want to tweak her world.. may all the tweaks be good ones.

  4. Twiggy says:

    Love the little outfits!! She’s so cute in all of them. My prayers continue.

  5. 🙂 love the 4 gen. pic.
    if my gramma wasn’t a raging lunatic and I actually spoke to her, then I could have one of those too! SO glad you guys do 🙂

  6. Jennifer says:

    I like the four generations picture. I think it turned out great!

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