Growing Looks Good On You

It was mid-October when we gave Nyana her first tub bath. She couldn’t have even been three pounds back then, and the “tub” we used was nothing more than a stainless steel mixing bowl that you’d find in any equipped kitchen. We filled the bowl with water and placed it inside her solarium, and then sat her inside it. Today we needed to wash the residual antiseptic paint off of Nyana, and unable to give her a bath directly, we filled a bowl and gave her a sponge bath instead.

This is the very same bowl in both images.

Nyana, then and now.

In October, we could sit her in this bowl. Today, it barely fits on her head.

I was reading back on our Nyanaku page yesterday during Ny’s surgery—actually, I’ve re-read practically this entire blog in the past three days—and I came across a haiku that Nyana’s great-uncle Jack wrote about two weeks after the first tub photo was taken:

How can one so wee
Fill so many hearts with glee
Nyana, you rock.

How very true.


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Wife, mother, marketer--not always in that order. Lover of fine food, good company, and exceptional grammar. Mother of one former micro-preemie and one full-term monster baby. Building childhood memories in Vancouver's suburbs.
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6 Responses to Growing Looks Good On You

  1. T says:

    Growing DEFINITELY looks good on her!

  2. twiggy says:

    I HEART NY, too!! =) I’m so happy to see her doing well. That bowl sure does show how big she is now!

  3. so hard to believe she used to be that little… It’s crazy how much she’s grown and changed.
    Love the Haiku!

  4. Kaili says:

    What a beautiful, tube-less mouth 🙂 Must feel so much better for her.

  5. Tasha says:

    Love the before and after!

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