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Our First Owie

We had our first incident at home today. Nyana is working on sitting unassisted. She’s doing great, but sometimes she needs help and sometimes she fails. She may not get a passing grade on the sitting today, but she does … Continue reading

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People To See

Nyana hit eight months last week and we’re coming up on a whole month now at home. I can’t get over how busy life has been since she’s come to live with us full-time, yet at the same time I … Continue reading

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Maybe If You Just Relax

I started this blog shortly after Nyana was born as a means to document her early beginnings, to have something to look back on and see how far we’ve come. We’ve come to know some amazing people along the way—some … Continue reading

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Operation Homespeak

I was ambushed earlier this week. I thought I was headed out to a long-awaited playdate with the Vancouver contingent of The Sisterhood; instead I found myself standing in the parking lot of my apartment building, jaw agape and completely … Continue reading

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A Great Big Giant Thank You

It’s taken two weeks for us to start to settle into this new life we’re living, all three of us finding new schedules and new ways of doing things. We’re busy every second of the day and we’re loving every … Continue reading

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