Bed Rest

It’s been one year since the beginning of the end; August 25, 2010 was the day I was admitted to hospital on indefinite bedrest, the day Nyana’s journey began. I didn’t keep a journal during my hospital stay, though I shared many of the details of the events leading up to her birth on the About September 20th page. It wasn’t until a few months after Nyana was born that I realized that my frequent musings on Facebook during “the month I was away” tell the story of my institutionalized bed rest more than any journal ever could. So for the sake of being able to relive that month again any time I want tell the complete story to Nyana one day, I’ve compiled a month’s worth of status updates and comments into a cohesive, chronological story. You can hover over each snippet for more of the story.

Not at all liking the idea of being hospitalized indefinitely. Before this, I'd never spent a night in hospital, ever.

Don, of course, approached the situation with humour and wit.

Reaching 24 weeks gestation meant the doctors now considered our baby 'viable' and worth saving should I go into labour.

Five days in and homesick already. Don and I wisely chose to leave my engagement ring safely at home while I was away.

Six months pregnant, forced to eat hospital food, craving pie in the worst way.

Excited about my first ever ambulance ride. Not at all excited about the transfer to New West.

Babymama on the move. Being the one who had to make the trek out to New West every day to see me, Don was not thrilled about the transfer, either.

One of the girls in my room on this day was another antepartum gal who wheeled the TV stand from the rec room into our shared room and watched Jurassic Park at 8am. I tried so hard to find zen.

My sister baked me and mailed me a blueberry pie. Canada Post. I love my sister.

Working our mental mojo to manifest a bed for me at BC Women's.

The view of the Fraser River out of my window was one of the only decent things about my stay at Royal Columbian. Although even this was marred by the sound of Air Ambulances coming in at all hours to land on the helipad directly below my window.

RCH put me in a quad room in the postpartum ward. I can't tell you how depressing it was to hear happy new parents just feet away while I had no idea what was going to happen to me.

At 25 weeks pregnant, I started leaking amniotic fluid. Doctors determined I was still OK to continue the pregnancy, but 48 hour IV antibiotics were started, "just in case".

I thought the headline was in reference to the dwindling population of Earl bears (whatever they are) and not that Hurricane Earl was destroying the Eastern seaboard.

Ask and you shall receive. I waited three hours with my bags packed for the ambulance to come get me, and I spent four hours waiting in admitting once I got there, but I had finally arrived at BC Women's, and there I would stay until my child was born.

Oh, the awful waffle. It made a horrendous clanging noise on the plastic meal tray. Definitely not fit for consumption. Click on the image to launch the YouTube video.

In addition to private rooms, free wi-fi, and much better food than RCH, BC Women's also offered free prenatal massages from students at the community college.

It's one thing to get a pregnancy craving for a burger. It's another thing to get a pregnancy craving for a burger when you're locked up in the hospital and can't have a burger.

BC Women's hospital also brought in arts-and-crafts ladies to keep us occupied with such activities as mosaic mirror building.

The juice and fruit I lived on during my first trimester led to a wonderful case of gestational diabetes. Bad news: had to give back all the chocolate Mum sent. Good news: it gave Ny a healthy weight for her gestation. Fair trade, I'd say.

As the days wore on it became more and more clear that we were running out of days. At this point we thought we had two more weeks, at most.

Oh, the craving for a White Spot burger. It was brutal.

And as much as I was craving White Spot, I was craving a huge salad. Don was able to deliver on that one, at least.

Some doctors were telling us that delivery was imminent, others were telling us I might be discharged to continue my bed rest at home. All we knew was that Baby was big and that we had a fighting chance.

For the record, Auntie Cousin Kim won the baby pool.

Less than 72 hours later, Nyana was born. Click to read more comments.

My water had broken earlier in the afternoon but I was assured we likely had a day or two before we had to act. Shortly after Don left the hospital for the night I got the worst fever and chills and I was wheeled down to Labour & Delivery. Don barely had time to get home before I called him back.

Welcome, Nyana. Click to view all the comments.

And you know the rest of the story. If you’re a new reader or somehow don’t know the rest, head on over to the very beginning to pick up where this story left off.


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Wife, mother, marketer--not always in that order. Lover of fine food, good company, and exceptional grammar. Mother of one former micro-preemie and one full-term monster baby. Building childhood memories in Vancouver's suburbs.
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5 Responses to Bed Rest

  1. I totally need to do that too. With pretty much everything that has happened the last year. FB is so much more convenient than blogging (maybe because of the 3 kids or something). Now I have some motivation to do it. I did write more before Melany was born… after… not so much.
    Love ya and Nyana!!!

  2. That was a good history lesson 🙂

    But I love your blog, so hope you keep it up, not to mention I don’t do FB.

    Hope Nyana is having a great Sunday 🙂

  3. Linda says:

    I really enjoyed reading this blog…..all of those scary moments were relived but this time, knowing what the outcome was, reading all of those comments was like remembering a happy memory rather than a nasty nightmare. I still chuckle when you told me about Earl, the bear!! Nyana will enjoy reading all of those comments from everyone and as she reads them she will know how many people loved her and cheered her on.
    Love to you all!! <3<3<3

  4. This is totally awesome and reminds me that I saved all of my fb updates regarding H and being pregnant since the day I “fb announced it”. I will have to do a blog post like this. I’m not fancy enough to do screen shots and such because i have no idea how but they’re all saved in a doc.

    BTW, I still remember reading these updates and the one where you told us you had Gestational Diabetes and couldn’t eat your chocolate was heartbreak to me. I recall being like “NOoooooOoooo!!” outloud… and I still feel horrible for you.

  5. Olivia ♡ says:

    Awe! Love this! What a great idea. (and that comment from your mom (I assume?) about punching the “19 year old bitch from Surrey” make me laugh obnoxiously loud, hahaha).

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