The Grandma Edition

So Mum and Dad have done a bit of explaining to me about family; about how Mum has a Mum and Dad has one too, and how they each had Dads, too. They’ve explained Grandmas and Grandpas to me, about how both my Grandmas live far away and wish they could see me more often, and about how both of my Grandpas are gone forever now, but would have been so proud to know me if they were still with us. It all got so very confusing for my little brain, so Dad just told me that to make sure we don’t get confused between the two, we call Mum’s Mum Grannie and we call Dad’s Mom Grandma. This is me and my Grandma:

Grandma n Me

In all my time in the hospital, Mum and Dad kept on telling me about all these people who loved me, all these people who carried a piece of me in the hearts having only briefly met me, if at all. Since we’ve been home they’ve explained and demonstrated how important family is, and made me understand why so many people who love me wanted me out of the hospital and home with my fambly where I’m supposed to be. They explained that being family means loving unconditionally and loving always. So when Grandma phoned here a few weeks ago and told Mum and Dad that she has cancer, well, I got scared. Grandma is family. I want my Grandma to be with us for a long, long time.

I still don’t fully understand this cancer business, but Mum and Dad told me it’s a scary disease that isn’t always curable. Daddy tells me that he lost his Dad to cancer when he was just a little boy, which doesn’t seem fair to me at all that first Grandpa had it and now Grandma. But I overhead Mum on the phone today and heard that Grandma is going in to the hospital in the morning to have something called a lumpectomy. She hopes the doctors can cut away her breast cancer. Then after her surgery Grandma has to go to radiation treatments for five more weeks.

In the time that we’ve been home Mum and Dad have also told me lots and lots of stories about my Army, about all of you who said prayers and thought bright thoughts for me while I fought to come home. I got to thinking that if all of you were able to think healing thoughts for me when I was sick, maybe you could think about my Grandma tomorrow. I know she doesn’t need help beating cancer—she’s a fighter and will fight this, too—but a little bit of extra love on a scary day never hurt anyone. And love from my Army is pretty powerful, I know.

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16 Responses to The Grandma Edition

  1. Juju says:

    Sending a prayer for Grandma.

  2. Nyana, once you have an army, that army can be used in many ways and supporting your grandma and sending strength and prayers is jus the beginning!

  3. Stacy Goodsell says:

    I hate cancer. I hope your Grandma beats it good and gone. Love and hugs to all of you.

  4. Twiggy says:

    I’m praying for your Grandma sweetie. My thoughts are with you all.

  5. Linda says:

    Hi Nyana, Your Grandma has been in my thoughts an awful lot these past weeks but none more so than today. You are right that Grandma is strong (Really STRONG!!) and she will come through this just fine but having the love and prayers from your Army will make her fight a little easier, a little more comforting. I know that Grandma will be so proud of you when she gets a chance to read your blog and will be so thankful that you have shared your Army with her. Love you!! Grannie

  6. Mary Ward says:

    I’m sending lots of prayers for Grandma!

  7. Diane aka Citruscitygal says:

    Sending lots of prayers for Grandma to have a successful surgery and a full recovery. We want her to be around for a verrrrry long time to give Nyana (and her Mom & Dad) that very special
    love that only Grandmas (and Grannies) can.

  8. T says:

    Nyana I was gone on a trip yesterday and just got back to day so didn’t know about your Grandma, but she is in my prayers.

  9. Max's Mum says:

    Sending healing thoughts for your Grandma, Nyana!

  10. Carolyn Schmid (Hermione69) says:

    Nyana, I’ve been thinking about you and I am sorry I am not one who drops by more often. I am so happy to see you doing well. You are such a cutie and I loved the elephant nose photo with “All the Cool Kids.” I will send your grandma lots of positive thoughts. My mom had breast cancer and had to have 3 separate lumpectomies in her battle against and she is now cancer free for almost 10 years!! Your grandma can beat this thing!

  11. Margie King/mak1 says:

    My prayers are with your grandma, Nyana. The love that surrounds you also surrounds your family.

  12. Stacey & Lucy says:

    Lots of Love for you & Grandma!! Love SSLu

  13. Duncan & Dorothy Gillies says:

    Hello Nyana , Don and Karen
    Thanks for sharing your army and their power of prayer with your Grandma.
    I would ordinarily be with her, but we are away visiting a cousin who also needs our prayers. We will see her when we get home.
    I keep thinking maybe your Grandma will get to see you soon – maybe when she gets over her surgery – before the radiation starts. Seems I have a way of organizing every one else’s life – my sisters call that bossy!!!
    Bye for now. Best wishes to all. Love and kisses. Duncan & Dorothy

  14. Sue Curtice says:

    Ny – I will be praying long and hard for your Grandma. I hope she will be completely healed and live a very long, happy life. I was blessed to have my grandmas long into my life. Some of my happiest memories are from when grandma came to visit! I want you and your grandma to share many, many memories for long to come.

    I’ve recently become a grandma and as a matter of fact, both of my grandbabies are here right now. I never realized just how much grandmas love their grandbabies until I became one too. I know how much your grandma loves you and how much she will fight this monster called cancer so she can have a long, long time with you!

  15. auntieolivia says:

    FIGHT….Nyana’s Grandma… FIGHT – their is an army fighting right beside you… and a pretty successfull one at that….

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