vs. The Tissue Paper

I can’t believe we’re less than three weeks away from Nyana’s first birthday. A whole year of wires and tubes and beeps. A whole year of prayers and love and laughter. A whole year of Nyana’s Army. Nurse Awesome visited a couple of weeks back and had the privilege of giving Ny her very first birthday present. To be the giver of the very first birthday gift someone ever receives is pretty special. And it’s a pretty cool toy: an old school wooden bead maze, complete with suction cups on the base to firmly attach to the hardwood floor in the living room.

Melissa & Doug Deluxe First Bead Maze

The toy was played with and enjoyed for a time, and then it was time for the real present: a gift bag full—FULL!—of purple and yellow tissue paper, just begging to be shredded. It started innocently enough…

Just a gentle swish of the paper to see what happens.

Just a gentle swish of the paper to see what happens.

… and she got excited when she saw what she could do.

So exciting! This stuff is awesome!

So exciting! This stuff is awesome!

Before we knew it she was surrounded by a pile of colourful paper shreds.

Paper, paper everywhere!

Paper, paper everywhere!

And it was at about this time that we thought to get a piece of it on video.

When the dust settled, we found her exhilarated and exhausted in a pile of confetti.

Thoroughly satisfied.

Thoroughly satisfied and ready to go back to playing with the toy.

The tissue paper has long been cleaned up and the toy is getting played with every day now. But I’m calling this practice for the big birthday in a few weeks, when she’s surrounded by more ribbon and wrapping paper and chocolate cake than she knows what to do with. I think Babygirl will be able to play Birthdaygirl just fine.


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8 Responses to vs. The Tissue Paper

  1. Twiggy says:

    That’s so cute!!! I can’t wait to see birthday pictures! She is growing so fast.

  2. Mary Ward says:

    I love the determination on her face!

  3. Love the video! I had to wonder what the Kitty was thinking…

    “Let me show you how to shred things!”

    or perhaps

    “Now I can look innocent and blame her for anything shredded!”

    Nyana sure is growing!

  4. Stacey & Lucy says:

    Ok one of our favorite videos ever!!

  5. Juju says:

    Hahahahaha, so much fun!

  6. Linda says:

    If this is how much fun Nyana had with one birthday present I can only imagine the fun she will have when she opens all of her presents during her party….a much longer video will be in order for this event!!

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