Back To The Beep

The original title of this post, when I started writing it on Saturday night, was The Emergency Room Edition. Then on Monday night when I sat down to continue, I changed the title to The “My First Cold” Edition. And now here we are on Thursday, four days into Nyana’s most recent hospitalization, and we’re fully entrenched in the beeps and the cord management and the nurses and the long yellow hallway—a hallway that is noticeably shorter now that we’re in the ICU instead of the NICU, but a long walk to and from Babygirl nonetheless.

Ny waits for the doc to come say hello.

Nyana occupies herself in the triage room, waiting for the doctor.

Nyana’s cough started on Thursday night last week; a deep, wet sounding bark that kept her awake and kept Don and me on edge. Friday night was even worse, with her oxygen dialled right up to 5L/minute, and so while Don spent the day working overtime on Saturday, I spent the day in the emergency room at BC Children’s, worried about Nyana’s work of breathing. Five hours in triage, a nasal swab and a chest x-ray later, it was determined that it wasn’t anything viral and it wasn’t pneumonia, and we were sent home with just “a really bad cold” and ordered to give her Tylenol, rest, and cuddles.

But rest and cuddles don’t often break fevers, and after our day in the ER, Sunday was just as miserable as Friday and Saturday had been. As Sunday night rolled into Monday morning, I had my first-ever moment of nervousness that I wouldn’t know when or if she was in serious trouble. First thing Monday morning, I packed her up and returned to BC Children’s. This time I asked that she be admitted.

Four days later, she’s still in respiratory isolation in the ICU, fighting what Dr Dee is calling an aggressive paraflu. We’ve upped her pressures and her oxygen, and are giving her Ventolin puffers every two hours. Today we started her on a six-day steroid course as well as antibiotics for the off-chance fluid gets into her lungs and gets infected. Bottom line: this is much more than “a really bad cold”. Dr Dee can’t give us any prognosis other than that she’s “optimistic” (her words) that we can avoid intubation, and that the last babe who presented with this bug spent a month in the ICU. All we can do is wait and see how Nyana fares. We’ve done the math and we’re doubtful we’ll have Babygirl home for Christmas; I think she is determined to start new holiday traditions that include her RTs. I think we need to have another conversation with Nyana about how awesome Santa is.

Nyana meets Santa, sort of.

Nyana meets Santa... sort of.


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12 Responses to Back To The Beep

  1. I’ve been waiting for this post. I wanted to hear the update.. I obviously knew she was back in the hospital but didn’t know why, exactly.

    I’m sorry that Ny won’t be home (most likely) for Christmas, and that she’s sick. I hope things get better quick. She’s a fighter, and always has been, so I’m sure she’ll be snug in her own bed before you know it.


  2. Stacy says:

    poor baby and poor mum and dad. I pray for a Christmas miracle for all of you.

  3. Long, long ago, my son’s Thanksgiving tradition was to spend it in the ER. He wasn’t particularly persnickety, one year it was the flu, the next was having his head sown up (at age 2 he didn’t realize he couldn’t lean over and watch his progress on Granny’s see-saw). Happily, he did outgrow the need to spread his thankfulness among the doctors at the Air Base!

    I am so sorry Babygirl is sick. I hope she heals well and quickly. It must be crushing to be back here, but even so, at least from what I can see, here is still a lot farther than the here of last year.

    I know she’ll have a great Christmas anyway. I know as a fellow Mom if she has a good Christmas, you will too. Hey, she’s lucky like my kids were, she’ll get a visit from Santa at the hospital and he’ll also swing by the house and leave the big stuff for here there, to enjoy when she does get home.


  4. Tasha says:

    I am so sorry that Ny won’t be home for Christmas. You just never know though, she’s such a rockstar that I wouldn’t be surprised!

    Thank you for the update. My heart hurts a bit that I miss all the up to the minute accounts of what’s going on with you guys.


  5. Dorothy Gillies says:

    Hello Nyana, Don & Karen Sorry to hear that Nyana is having a little vacation in the hospital – not the way you want, but at least she is getting the attention she needs to get better.
    Grandma Anne had told us about her cold and being in hospital when we visited her yesterday.
    I am sure you will have a great Christmas no matter where you are. Get well soon.
    Duncan & Dorothy

  6. Juju says:

    Boo bad bug!!!

    Yay Santa!

    Yay Canadian health care.

  7. Mary Ward says:

    You are all in my prayers. I say that we end this tradition this year and it’s the last year for Christmas in the hospital.

  8. Max's Mum says:

    Ugh, Karen, my heart breaks for you guys. ((hugs))
    I’m glad Nyana is getting the care and attention she needs to get better. You’ll have to have a great big belated Christmas when you get her home. Good thing she’s too little to make heads or tails of a calendar. 🙂

  9. I’m sure Nyana will make the most of Santa appearances while she is inpatient and really, the good news is that, for you,

    When Nyana is back at home, THEN it WILL be Christmas

    And we will all celebrate it with you 🙂

    Heal up fast, Babygirl!

  10. Heather says:

    Take care – fight that bug like a trooper Ny!
    Although the pic of her seeing Santa is just heartbreaking – but I am guessing most of the babes this year would prefer seeing him from a safe distance of 10-15 feet.
    Maybe Nyana has plans to adjust the rest of us to her own schedule – Christmas is when she decides and the rest of us will just have to wait!

  11. Diana J says:

    So much hope and good thoughts going your way. She is a very considerate girl to want to include her RTs but there has to be a better way.

  12. Twiggy says:

    My prayers are with you and I pray all is well. sending major HUGS!!

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