Five Pounds of Awesome

She finally hit the five pound mark, and in a big way! After dancing around the issue for more than a week, she finally crossed the line tonight, weighing in at 2,347 grams. 5lbs 3 oz. Five whole pounds of awesomeness. Five whole pounds of awesome baby with no debilitating eye disease (yay!), but with two sick parents (boo!).

Don’s been sick for a few days now, but I deemed myself well enough for the NICU this morning and got in to the hospital around 10am. Morning rounds were more of the same—keep her swaddled, keep her oxygenated, and let her grow. The doctors had already put the drops in her eyes for the exam this morning, so she was puffy and either couldn’t open her eyes, or didn’t want to.

Nyana gets her eyes checked at eight weeks old.

Nyana gets her eyes checked at eight weeks old. She passes her exam.

When the optician came in around 11 o’clock, a few other moms started looking about the room, asking each other whose baby is she here for? I’m sure in retrospect, she wasn’t nearly as scary as I’m remembering her now. But she was dressed casually in street clothes in a room full of scrubs, and she was wearing this concoction on her head I can only imagine was a magnifier. She carried a plastic tub of what I construed to be long, sharp pokers and vials of poison. Don has made me sit through enough slasher flicks to know that this woman was up to no good.

I watched the exam for a few minutes, before deciding that Baby Nicolas across from us hadn’t been admired in a while… well, ever. Baby Nicolas is the son of the Smug Parents, who, as it turns out, aren’t so smug at all. I chatted with his mom for the duration of Nyana’s exam, then went back to comfort our Chub as soon as the plainclothes doctor was done. Amazingly, through the entire procedure, Nyana remained in the low end of her oxygen needs and continued her high scores on her saturation levels.

Lucky for me, the eye exam is one of the few with immediate results. Based on today’s testing, Nyana’s eyes are fine and will develop normally. We’ll do another exam in two weeks’ time to be certain, but it looks like we dodged the ROP bullet. I didn’t realize how stressed I’ve been about the ventilator damaging her eyesight until the doctor told me she couldn’t see any sign of damage. Despite today’s monsoon rains, there was a skip in my step as I left the hospital.

I lunched with Don downtown, went to a dentist appointment, and made chicken salad sandwiches for dinner. Somewhere in that time, I went from feeling perfectly fine to feeling like I was swallowing sandpaper. I went to visit Nyana tonight and declined a cuddle because I was afraid of getting too close. And now I’m just full-on sick. Don tells me he’s feeling much better and should be well enough tomorrow night. Fantastic. Tag, you’re it.


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11 Responses to Five Pounds of Awesome

  1. Kasia M says:

    We are very happy to hear the GREAT news.
    Take care have some chicken soup and hope to see you sometime soon.


  2. Kaili says:

    Great news again! Sorry to hear you’re sick now though…feel better soon!

  3. Erin says:

    I have been following this blog since you have had Nyana. (I am on BBC) I have had every emotion while reading your posts. After reading todays post I must admit I feel like I have a little skip in my step too!!! What great news!! (not that you are sick of course). I look forward to reading the next post! I hope everyone feels better soon!!!!

  4. Karen (PrisonerNo6) says:

    Oh, yay! I’ve been reading your story after coming here from TVCH, and I am so glad for you to get that good news. Not only are your beautiful Nyana’s eyes still healthy, but she handled the exam without a change in her O2 needs! Just a short time ago, you couldn’t hold her for fear it would be too stressful for her, but now she handles an eye exam like a trooper. A giant step forward, I hope.

  5. Shannon says:

    Great news about her eyes, and yay for 5 pounds!
    Take care of yourselves as well – it’s really going around. Both of us have been sick too.

  6. Linda says:

    It is wonderful to hear that Nyana will be able to see this beautiful world of ours in all of its’ colour and glory. Another milestone to celebrate!! And to think she is now over 5 lbs ~ another huge victory. Keep it up, Ladybug, keep it up!!! And, Mum and Dad please get well soon as Nyana needs her cheering section around her.
    Love, Grannie

  7. Congrats on hitting the 5lb mark, Nyana!!
    You’ve got a World of cheerleaders out here who love to hear how awesome you are 🙂

  8. Lynn Duncan says:

    Great milestones! Over 5 pounds and a great eye exam with little fuss! And good news from that doctor.

    (I suspect she might have had an ophthalmoscope and/or slit lamp to peer deep into Nyana’s eyes, but I can understand how fearful she looked to you, Karen)

    Now rest up so you can kick that bug and get back to front row babywatching!

    Hmm, I came from my email where I get the notices from this site but will go on to
    TVCH to celebrate Nyana there as well 🙂

  9. Juju says:

    Get well soon, Mom and Dad!

    Go Nyana!

  10. Olivia ♡ says:

    Yay 5 lbs!! Yay good eye results!! Boo sickness!

    Hope you feel better soon 🙂

    – Olivia

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