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One Ninety One

Day #191. I wish someone had told Nyana that there is no gold star awarded for spending more time in the NICU than she did in utero. Bright and early on Tuesday morning marked an interesting milestone: the day Nyana … Continue reading

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Our Bionic Baby

It’s been three days now since Nyana was wheeled out of surgery with a gastrostomy tube protruding from her abdomen. Three days since I paced that hallway outside of that big red door, petrified that something was about to go … Continue reading

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Growing Looks Good On You

It was mid-October when we gave Nyana her first tub bath. She couldn’t have even been three pounds back then, and the “tub” we used was nothing more than a stainless steel mixing bowl that you’d find in any equipped … Continue reading

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Under The Knife

I feel like a surgeon walking out to break the news to a waiting room full of nervous family members: This morning’s procedure was a success with zero complications, and Princess Munch is back in her room, hopped up on … Continue reading

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G-Tube Eve (Big Daddy Remix)

I was talking to a friend this week who was telling me about her dramatic weekend. She and her boyfriend had been planning a big shopping weekend down to the States with another couple when the other couple got into … Continue reading

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