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We’re Home


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Smells Like Bipap

It’s been seven months of breathing support in some form of another: from the CPAP to the ventilator to biphasic; then back to CPAP, highflow, CPAP, highflow, eventually making our acquaintance with Mr. Bipap who will be coming home with … Continue reading

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We Are Family

Wow. It took 215 days, but they finally let the three of us hang out alone. Just the three of us. No nurses interrupting our visit to chart Nyana’s vitals. No RTs poking their heads in to do their nightly … Continue reading

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Nyana Care Weekend

Hello, Everyone! I just wanted to give you all an update on how the last couple days have gone, as most of you know that things have been pretty busy around here lately. As you know by now, Mum and … Continue reading

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The Devil Is In The Details

I knew that the final push to the finish was going to kill me, but the emotional exhaustion I’m feeling right now is not anything at all like I’d been expecting to face at the finish line. I was anticipating … Continue reading

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