Why My Phone Hasn’t Been Thrown From A Bridge

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of my phone. It’s a Samsung Galaxy Ace, AKA the second cousin twice removed from the runt of the Samsung Galaxy family. It barely manages to provide basic functions but if you’re patient enough it will get you there eventually. Luckily, it manages to capture a decent picture once every 20 or 30 tries, so my motivation to get a better phone is just barely held at bay. I’ve been toying around with this vintage camera app lately, and have decided to share some of my recent favourites – and by “decided”, I mean “was coerced by a toddler to”. Yesterday I found my laptop open to the blog entry page while she stood there with my phone in hand, tapping her feet. She wouldn’t stop til I took a bunch of pics and then  promised I would upload them. What’s up with that??



Stay tuned for a few more updates from us yet – just because we haven’t been writing lately, doesn’t mean we’ve stopped thinking about you. There’s always something to write about (finding the time is the trick!), and thanks to a nice visit from the West Coast Bracketts, Auntie-Cousin Ang has supplied us with a glut of awesome pictures to go through and share as well. Plus, Mum is going on VACATION soon!!! There’s bound to be something worth writing about during that whole week that we get her all to ourselves!

OH man, I almost forgot! It’s too late to give a full update, but here’s a quick blow-over. NICU reunion was had on the weekend. All but one were able to come back and reunite, but we picked up two others who missed out on last year’s shindig. It was lots of fun, and the toddlers all cooperated long enough to get a few group shots. Here is but one. More to come, enjoy. Remember – each of these little troopers took only a six month pregnancy and weighed around 1kg at birth. It was a very proud day for us all to simply be out in the park with each other.


About Donners

Thirtysomething father to The Royal Princess of The Sunshine Brigade, a 27 week preemie who survived 222 days in the NICU. The Queen and I are still crazy in love, and life in Vancouver's West End is getting back to a whole new normal that we've always been waiting for but never knew we would get quite like this.
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8 Responses to Why My Phone Hasn’t Been Thrown From A Bridge

  1. Linda says:

    Beautiful blog, Don!! Nyana is definitely not camera-shy and has the sweetest smile anywhere.

  2. Sue (TVCH-Watching2) says:

    Thanks for the update! You spoiled us so much previously with all the updates that we get curious as to how your Princess is doing…along with the King and Queen, of course!! The pics are adorable as is your darling Princess Ny! It’s really great that you’re super busy with the wonderful world of a toddler!!! Thanks again!

  3. Such a nice surprise in my email and lovely pics of the Princess!!

  4. Juju says:

    Great update and thanks for the new photos. Who couldn’t fall for a face like that, especially the close-up one?

  5. Lee says:

    Well, it seems to me that the “eyes” have it. OMG. What a beauty. I’ll bet she’s really enjoying having the deck, or was it decks. How nice to have the space you now have even though it will get a little smaller when Ny becomes a big sister.

    thanks so much for sharing, and I look forward to more to come.

    Let the good times roll.

  6. Twiggy says:

    What a cutie!!! What a wonderful reunion of the little ones. I know the nurses must enjoy seeing the children all growing up.
    Like everyone, I’m looking forward to more!

  7. Duncan & Dorothy Gillies says:

    Hello Nyana, Don and Karen
    Thanks again for an update and great photos. I too missed the updates, but after Nyana got things rolling with her latest blog, you could not help but send more.
    Great hearing from all of you.
    Have a good vacation – (will this be an out of town trip, or more exploring of Vancouver?).
    It will be much easier to travel now without so much extra luggage.
    Take care and keep those posts coming.
    Duncan & Dorothy

  8. Ben says:

    How could anyone resist that little beauty ….. and I have one word for you …. iPhone.

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