Monkey Love

It’s always nice to get visitors. I don’t get as many as you might think, being this cute and all, so I really enjoy the ones that come by. So far, although everyone I’ve met has been super nice and fun, my favourite visitors have been what Mum and Dad call “fambly”. Although, I know it’s really supposed to be pronounced “fam-i-ly” (there’s three syllables in that word) but they don’t know that I know that yet. So anyway, whenever someone from my fam-i-ly comes over, I always have a good time. They’re the most fun. That’s why I was so sad a couple weeks ago when my Auntie-Cousin Kim had to cancel her visit when she was in town. She’s Dad’s cousin, which makes her my first-cousin-once-removed, but she’s kinda like an aunt to me, hence Auntie-Cousin. I have two of them, Kim and Angela, they rock. Luckily though, it was just a postponement since she was coming back to Vancouver in a couple weeks, so I agreed to be patient. But then – just a few days before we were supposed to finally see her, my Grampa-Uncle Jack stopped by with a gifty package from her. I was kind of worried that I wouldn’t be able to see Auntie-Cousin Kim, because I didn’t know why she wouldn’t just bring this over herself when she came by, but at the same time I love my Grampa-Uncle Jack so I was super happy to see him! I don’t mind if he makes up excuses to come and visit, although he doesn’t need to. And I always like getting gifts – who doesn’t? This time it was a couple of stuffed animals and some clothes! Some nice summer sleepers and the stuffed animals make noises. One is two bees that velcro together and make kissyface noises when their noses touch, and the other one is a monkey that loves me!! And I love him he’s so awesome. I just wanted to say thanks Auntie-Cousin Kim, here’s a video showing me play with him. I can’t believe how much fun he is!

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7 Responses to Monkey Love

  1. OMIGOSH! This video and the monkey and Nyana are just SO CUTE!!

    She’s just sitting up and enjoying life….

  2. Erin says:

    LOVE the video!!!! I love watching how happy she is! And the darn camera cord, who can resist those…LOL!!!! GREAT job Ny!!! You are awesome!

  3. Juju says:

    Hahahahaha, that is just darling. And the monkey is cute too. Thanks, Auntie-Cousin Kim!

  4. Auntie-Cousin Angela says:

    Awww…good job, Kim! Also, thanks to Nyana for the smiles and squeals tonight ~ so very sweet!
    Now the pressure is on me to find something just as (or preferably more) enjoyable for Nyana. LOL *huggles*

  5. Stacey Feehan says:

    What a great way to start my day! Love that little monkey! Well, the stuffed animal is fun too…

  6. Max's Mum says:

    SO cute!! She just has the sweetest little giggles. Love it. 🙂

  7. Sue Curtice says:

    She is so stinkin cute!!!

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